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Create your cosplay with EVA foam

Do you have an upcoming comic convention, theatre play or larping event? For all of these occasions, you need the right costumes and props. If you want to create these yourself, you want to use light and soft material that allows you to clear any prop control with ease and maintains the safety of your fellow visitors. That is why EVA foam is an incredibly popular cosplay crafting material, and you can easily buy this from the online store Minque Art & Cosplay. Thanks to this light-weight material, you will be able to create the costume, decoration, or prop of your dreams without needing to worry about prop controls or potential danger.

How do you shape this unique material?

Thank to the soft and flexible character of EVA foam, you can easily mold it into any shape you desire. With a crafting knife and a sanding tool such as a Dremel, you can shape this unique material with easy. After you are done cutting and sanding your foam, you can start heat-sealing and priming your costume or prop to prepare it for a fresh layer of pain. All of the materials you need for this process, are available trough this practical online store as well. So, whether you want to create gracious elven wings or a sturdy clamor for you next event, you can make it with these high-quality, yet affordable materials. When you are done with your crafting process, you can buy all of the cosmetics, such as prosthetics, makeup and lenses at this online store, as well.

Order the essentials for your costume or prop

Place your order today at to get started with essential materials for your cosplay such as EVA foam and Worbla. While shopping, you are saving up for their loyalty program which allows you to benefit from discounts and free unmissable products for your crafting process. Is there anything you need help with? Contact their passionate team for personal advice.